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The Irrepressibles premiere new ‘International’ video

The single is included on their forthcoming third studio album.

The Irrepressibles, the project lead by vocalist, composer, artist and producer, Jamie Irrepressible, just released a new video of the song entitled ‘International’. 

On this occasion, the English artist shares some footage featuring a few of his close friends who are either EU citizens living in either London or Berlin. In the track they speak in their native language – French, Bengali, Turkish, German, Spanish, and Italian – but all communicate the same words regarding the power and positivity of internationalism, political and global compassion and love.

Created in 2002, the band has released two full studio albums to date and 6 EP’s. All songs are written by Jamie Irrepressible. The name is “about breaking boundaries in music and being honest about being gay in music.” Based in London, England for many years, he is currently based in Berlin, Germany.

The Irrepressibles is working on his new album, following 2010’s ‘Mirror Mirror’ and 2012’s ‘Nude’.

You can listen to the track here and watch the video below.

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