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The Soundgarden ADE Special

The Soundgarden ADE Special

ADE may be over. But the aftermath has yet to fade away. And in it, we find the now classic ADE VA compilations. A definitive standout has to be The Soundgarden’s ADE Special. Comprised of 8 tracks, they are some of the secret weapons that have been rocking Nick Warren’ sets over the past few months, “squarely aimed at the dancefloor and for your dancing pleasure”, he said.

Nick Warren loves Argentina and everybody knows that. This fascination for the country is reflected in the names he taped for this mesmerizing release. A gorgeous collection of tracks, all alive with that Soundgarden’s magic. Progressive stalwart Emi Galvan sets things off in motion with a glimmer of summertime with a full low end, with his ‘Syncronicity’, while US native Verlk dazzles with his trippy ‘Alias’, in a truly cinematic affair.

The next two provide for one of the finest moments. Frankie M delivers a blissful tune in ‘Otro Mundo’, where groove meets good taste. Meanwhile, fellow Argentine Julian Nates (another one making his Soundgarden debut) brings the heat with his ‘Seven Ways’. A luscious ride, well perfect for a dive well into the late hours of the night.

Manu F turns on the neon lights with his ‘Digital Kiss’. Groovy and colorful, with some truly delightful arrangements, it’s a certified hit. And fresh from his Sudbeat appearance, we’ve got Memory (ARG). Oriental sounds that would drown out any sound system with pure joy, came alive in a ‘Borderline’ form.

The Soundgarden ADE Special is almost over, and it certainly feels like one on Nick’s sets for his own Soundgarden events. It’s not just a VA compilation, but a story in its own right. The last Argentine on the list, JJ Salinas, cranks up the house in his jazzy ‘X23’, providing that ear candy we all love so much. And to cap things of, polish maestro Tuxedo brings out his alter ego, Fluente, for ‘Lasting Generation’. Deep & hypnotic, it makes for a perfect closer, in a high note, as usual at Soundgarden events. In an overcrowded scene, this selection stands out like an Eden.

The Soundgarden ADE Special is now available. Grab your copy here.

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