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Third Son Releases ‘Delirium’ On Natura Sonoris

Third Son releases ‘Delirium’ on Natura Sonoris

Another intense package from the British producer.

After his label debut back in 2016 Third Son now returns to Natura Sonoris with a brand new 2-track ‘Delirium’ EP.

The lead track is an intense voyage that shows Third Son’s studio mastery in complex polyrhythmic structures and merciless soundscapes. Its intricate synths and pads, whirling percussions and chunky basslines create a hypnotic vortex of emotions allowing the track to take you on the path to the dark side.

‘Eyeless In Gaza’, on the flip, slowly builds an atmospheric storyboard continuously increasing its tension. The main melody teases, as it plays over a punchy yet persistent beat, and together with all the harmonic textures, brooding slow-burning chords, subtle counter melodies and a rising synth line it makes the whole piece shimmer from left to right.

Third Son’s ‘Delirium’ is out. Grab your copy here.


1. Delirium (Original Mix)
2 Eyeless In Gaza (Original Mix)

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