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Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter helps Phoenix on new album ‘Alpha Zulu’

“Reprising” the role of the late Philippe Zdar.

Thomas Mars, frontman of Phoenix, has confirmed Thomas Bangalter’s involvement in the recording of the band’s latest studio album ‘Alpha Zulu’. The Daft Punk member had previously worked a number of times with the french band, playing synths on 2000’s ‘Embuscade’ for the first time.

Phoenix would work in the studio alongside the late Philippe Zdar of the dance duo Cassius, who sadly died from an accident in Paris back in 2019. Now, it was Bangalter who took on Zdar’s role, helping the band select potential cuts.

“The mixer played an important part on this one, and Thomas [Bangalter] from Daft Punk came a few times to help us out, just to play the role of Philippe, who was this charismatic force that knew who we were and could give us advice because he knows where we want to go, he knows where we come from, he’s a friend.” said Mars to Stereogum.

Watch the official video for Phoenix’s single, ‘Alpha Zulu’, below and purchase your copy of the record here.


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