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Thomas Hoffknecht: “Juliet Fox is one of my favorite artists, and it’s an honor to be able to work on a project with her”

It must be a kind of special liquid, thick like a lead weight that runs through Hamburg-based DJ and producer Thomas Hoffknecht, supplying his techno machinery constantly with energy. From head to toe, he is pumped with pure Detroit Techno, which can be witnessed when attending his sets. Powerful and pumping, he turns a party night into something magical. Thomas’ special grasp for the moment and the crowd did not just help him succeed in Germany’s clubs but also with his productions. His dark and pumping studio fallout can be found on labels like Drumcode, KD RAW, or his very own #STRGHT.

Now, the Hamburg-based producer and Australian act Juliet Fox have shared the fruit of their recent partnership, as they released ‘Time Is Running Out’.

We sit down with Thomas Hoffknecht to learn more about the single, his upcoming projects, how he works in the studio, and more.

Electronic Groove: Hi Thomas! Welcome! We’re glad to have you here with us for a chat. How have you been doing? Where are you at the moment?

Thomas Hoffknecht: Hi, the pleasure is all mine and I’m doing well! Currently, I am at home, in my studio in Hamburg, Germany.

Electronic Groove: Congratulations on the release of ‘Time’s Running Out’, your new single with Juliet Fox! What has the reception been like so far?

Thomas Hoffknecht: The reception has been great so far. The track has been played in clubs and festivals multiple times already. The people’s and colleagues’ reactions have been awesome too.

Electronic Groove: What can you tell us about this one? How did it come about? Did you guys know each other prior to the collaboration?

Thomas Hoffknecht: I’ve appreciated Juliet Fox as a DJane and artist for a while now. Her voice is perfect and it adds that certain something. I have used Juliet’s ‘6 am’ acapella in my sets multiple times. She is one of my favorite artists, and it’s an honor for me to be able to work on a project with her. By the way, she is super cool and easy going too – but she definitely knows what she wants.

Electronic Groove: What was the experience like? Did you guys start from scratch, or did you have somewhat of an idea about where this one would go?

Thomas Hoffknecht: I would call it a ‘Ping-Pong Production’. I made the beginning and sent it to her. She went on to try things out with it and then eventually sent it back to me. I have to say, the collaboration was uncomplicated and worked amazing.

“The second I can secure an idea in my head during crafting, everything just flows as if by magic”

Electronic Groove: And, of course, this is the first track to spawn off from your upcoming EP for #STRGHT. What can we expect?

Thomas Hoffknecht: You can expect high-quality, straight techno sounds, that can be used and played up and down as tool tracks, big room tracks, festival tracks, and club tracks.

Electronic Groove: You’ve had quite a prolific run this year regarding releases. Which ones would you recommend to someone listening to Thomas Hoffknecht for the first time? Why?

Thomas Hoffknecht: I would recommend the following to them: Listen to my first album on micro.fon, and after that listen to my Drumcode EP. The person will definitely know what makes me who I am. (No arrogance here, just a healthy amount of self-confidence (laughter).

Electronic Groove: Let’s talk about inspiration…where does yours come from? Do you tend to wait for it, or do you go and work until it comes around? You do find inspiration overrated?

Thomas Hoffknecht: What a great question! I have the best workflow in the mornings, when, shortly after I open my eyes and after going to the bathroom, I go to my studio (it’s a benefit having your studio in your house). Crafting basics. And the second I can secure an idea in my head during crafting, everything just flows as if by magic. Of course, though, I gather inspiration during DJ gigs, etc. But the morning just really is my primetime.

Electronic Groove: What else is there for Thomas Hoffknecht? What new milestones are you looking forward to in the coming months?

Thomas Hoffknecht: My next milestone will be hit in early 2022. An EP, together with Drumcell, to be released on Chris Liebing’s CLR label. After that, an EP on #STRGHT with a personal masterpiece will follow. Also, another Drumcode release is pending.

Electronic Groove: Thank you for your time Thomas! We wish you all the best for the future!

Thomas Hoffknecht: I have to thank you for having me, and I wish you guys 2 times more of whatever you wish me! ☺

Thomas Hoffknecht’s ‘Time is Running Out feat. Juliet Fox’ is now available via STRGHTx. Purchase your copy here

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