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Any given Sunday at Thuishaven WinterCircus

Lisa-SantAmsterdam is known for its outdoor festivals and in the summer there are too many to count but during the winter there isn’t much to do for a music lover aside from the regular club nights, especially on a Sunday. I’ve never liked Sunday’s ever since I was a kid. More often than not Sunday’s are the most boring day of the week. When I moved to Amsterdam about eight months ago I knew only a few people so there were many weekends where I would venture out solo to explore the dance floors around the city, but what was a girl to do on Sunday? You’d probably say sleep after a weekend of clubbing but I never like to miss a chance to dance so when I heard about Thuishaven WinterCircus my energizer bunny ears perked up quickly and I was ready to find out what this party, or better yet, circus had to offer!

“…when I heard about Thuishaven WinterCircus
my energizer bunny ears perked up…”

The first time I finally saw the location I was happy to see the party was living up to its name and it was literally held inside of a circus tent. Little did I know what magical vibe would be waiting for me once I pulled back the curtains and walked inside. On any given Sunday during the winter from around 4pm to 11pm when you walk into Thuishaven you enter into a world of avid music lovers listening to the best DJ’s the scene has to offer, circus performers of all kinds, confetti canons shooting off to the beat of the last drop and one giant disco ball sparkling with lasers in the center of the dance floor.


All of your senses are stimulated at this party; fresh food is available from the kitchen including vegetarian options, drinks are easy to get from one of the multiple bars, you’re constantly stimulated visually by the circus environment of LED performers, jellyfish bobbing through the crowd, punters in their best festival gear and retro circus posters. You can smell the mix of beer and dance floor sweat, along with having multiple eargasm’s from DJ’s who performed last season like Guy J, Butch, Matthias Tanzman, Benoit & Sergio and Martin Buttrich. This is also the first party I’d ever been to which has a balloon bar! What kind of balloons? Well the fun ones, for those who know, know 😉

“What kind of balloons? Well the fun ones, for those who know, know ;)”

Thuishaven got me through my first winter in Amsterdam and before I knew it, it was already time for their season closing party. It couldn’t have happened on a better day as the sun was shining and it was packed full of people outside enjoying the heat which had been away for far too long. I’d never seen it so packed! I think everyone came out to celebrate the end of winter as well as to welcome the wonderful spring day, which would soon lead to summer.

Summer is finally here and that means the winter circus has turned into a Summer circus, or Zomer circus in Dutch. May 29th they open with a great line up including Life & Death’s Woo York, MMM, Kosme and local talent Cinnaman. I am so excited that my boring Sunday’s can come back to life again!

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