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Tim Engelhadrt releases on Poker Flat (Stream)

This is his third EP for Steve Bug’s seminal label.

Coming from Cologne Tim Engelhardt has a pianist background.  Harmonies and an expanded melodic structure are standards in his repertoire and the key element to his works. This time he moves forward with a four-tracks EP ‘Your Words Keep Me Safe’ on Poker Flat Recordings.

The opener ‘Thinking of You’ is a more brooding number, slowly building via tense bass pulses, super tight percussion and sly chord progressions, before unveiling a melodic element midway through.

‘Azimute’ showcases Tim’s touch for dynamics within the context of the dancefloor. The track subtly shifts and mutates, using reverbs and delays to create a sense of space and grandeur.

‘Your Words Keep Me Safe’ is funky tech that exhibits some of Tim’s signature touches – a sense of drama and emotion that is missing from many electronic releases.

The fourth and final track – ‘Energy Transfer’ – builds from a beatless synth sequence, evolving and mutating into new and beautiful formations throughout the track.

‘Your Words Keep Me Safe’ is already available here.

Listen to the tracks below.

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