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Tim Engelhardt – Sun – Eleatics Records

German wunderkind Tim Engelhardt has carved a name for himself with some of the most gorgeous productions in electronica. Blending his skillset behind the piano with a raw and emotional style of production, his elegant melodies have found a home in labels like Stil vor Talent, Poker Flat, Watergate, Cityfox, and Eleatics Records, to which, precisely, he returns to with first full EP, ‘Sun’.

Composed of 2 original tracks and one sublime remix courtesy of Venezuelan outfit Fur Coat, the EP covers an ample array of the spectrum in melodic techno, showcasing its different shades under the same light. Title track ‘Sun’ finds Englehardt intimate as ever. Hypnotic swells caress a seductive low end, as arps traverse through the narrative, while Tim unfurls the sweetest piano line imaginable into the wind, setting sail for the stars in broad daylight.

In charge of re-imagining the opening track, Fur Coat envision a darker path for ‘Sun’. A dystopic version that plays with some of the more emotive moments created by Engelhardt on the original version. Riding on the back of a vanta-black frame, the piece growls as it treads its way to the breaks in the sky, where brass swells contrast beautifully with the grit they left behind back in the underworld.

The final track, ‘What Drives Us’, sees Engelhardt conjure energy in a pure state. Electric, the entrancing piece feels tripped out as it warps through wormholes on a personal quest. Bells and meandering synth lines recreate an ever-evolving hyperdrive sensation that grabs hold until the very end.

Tim Engelhardt’s ‘Sun’ EP is out now via Eleatics Records. Buy and stream here.

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