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Tim Green Announces His Debut Album On Cocoon

Tim Green announces his debut album on Cocoon

Exciting news for the British artist.

Tim Green presented his new LP entitled ‘Her Future Ghost’ to be out next May 18th.

The ten-track album shows a diverse range of genres from the ethereal to the electronic. Poignant keys merge with tougher percussion elements and create a cinematic journey for the listener.

“My concept and direction for ‘Her Future Ghost’ was to write a film score for a film that doesn’t actually exist,’ says Tim. “As an avid film score fan, I wanted to create a body of work that took certain typical soundtrack traits. For example, different motifs that repeat throughout, like character themes which evolve and mutate as well as a narrative that develops through the music.”

‘Her Future Ghost’ will be released via Cocoon. You can pre-order here.

Listen to the first snippets below.

1. New Life
2. Her Future Ghost
3. Colliding
4. The Opera
5. Echo
6. The Incident
7. Evaded
8. Same Life
9. They Want Us To Fall Down
10. He Fell

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