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Tim Green – Eastbound Silhouette – All Day I Dream

Like many of the most prized releases on All Day I Dream, we’ve all been waiting an age to get our hands on the latest from Tim Green. For the most part, unknown ID’s have been swirling in the sets of the maker since 2020 but now we finally get full access. And it’s that good we can’t help but gush over it a little bit.

‘Eastbound Silhouette’ is a six-track mini-LP, made to listen to as an album, from beginning to end. Opening with ‘Water Steers’ it starts in stunning fashion – exactly as it means to go on.

Long notes of orchestral chords set the scene with a shimmering melody. High pitches of pleasure queue the rolling drum loop, delicate shakes filtered into touch. This light tapping of rhythm will move throughout into the next. It’s a grand and euphoric opening, short and sweet, but a backbone to the rest.

‘Seqouia’ comes in continuation, as the first bassline begins. Those translucent waves felt in the intro settle beneath the kick before a simple groove takes hold. Simple in formation, yet big and round in sound.

As the progression builds, so do the niceties. Sax breathes subtle sounds of softness, leading the charge as keys dance elegantly to the tune of the brass. Real beauty is captured as the bassline takes leave for the break, a blissful composition of the highs. It’s two minutes to pause and dream before electric stabs drive a rush of energy in the latter half of the track. A heartfelt symphony, warming of the soul.

Next is ‘Tears’, the lead on the EP. Avid ADID followers will have heard this one on a loop in the sets of Lee Burridge. Quite literally in fact – the infectious snap of the drum was retained for a chunk of the mix in Burridge’s closing with Matthew Dekay, at the first edition of the ADID Festival earlier this year.

This ever-present slice of sweetness is the centerpiece of the rest of the track. But there’s plenty of texture to go above it. Dainty keys weave in amongst the rhythm, whilst a deeper intention spills through the chords. Another emotive piece yet primed for the dancefloor, with a loop infusion that captivates all the way to the break and beyond.

‘Lune’ serves up a slightly more subtle sound. Released initially as a single a month previous, it comes with its own signature, rattling bongo, and a sharp vocal clap. These continuous loops define the tracks that behold them, instantly recognizable in forming the foundations.

Low slung bassline occupies the beat – long, round and juicy. The cool groove keeps it calming while the rhythm tattles over the top. But the melody builds the real story here. Chords grow and grow. First, the dreaming synth line floats, then the structured hook melody takes to the center. Soft in character, magical in tone, creating a narrative of goodness that feels ready to burst as it powers into the break.

‘We’ve Been Here Before’ might be the most gorgeous on here, possibly more emotively charged than the rest. So full of feeling it’s hard not to listen to on repeat – as if the 9 minutes it steers wasn’t already enough. Charged emotion grows then resets, ready to build again. But the bassline is settled, as the melodies continue to queue.

Faint strings massage the senses as keys dance an inspiring tale, rolling steadily over a bright, melodic sequence. Beauty comes in the vocal. Soothing, seductive, and soft, lifting upon the heart. It’s true brilliance between the string, song, and dance.

‘Eastbound Silhoutte’ completes the package, with another feature length coming in at over 11 minutes. Time is taken to set the scene, and it’s over a minute before we hear any rhythm, over two minutes before the bass. Radiating strings start it off before we’re introduced to the melody of keys that will serve for the duration. A polite sequence that breathes a happy sound, alongside the dreamy lullaby of Felicia Douglass and her backers.

Listen to the whole EP in its entirety – there really is no question, as every moment counts. This is another stand-out procession of music from an artist who has truly found his voice, which speaks so agreeably on All Day I Dream. Congrats to you, Tim Green.

Tim Green’s ‘Eastbound Silhoutte’ is out now via ADID. Purchase your copy here.

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