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Tom Brownlow presents ‘Dance Of The Cigarette Fairies’

It’s his debut on Another Rhythm.

Leeds-based producer Tom Brownlow has just shared his new disco-house anthem ‘Dance Of The Cigarette Fairies’. The new single is a part of his upcoming debut EP, and is already available to stream and purchase.

Showcasing Tom Brownlow’s potential, ‘Dance Of The Cigarette Fairies’ is an uplifting slice of disco that grows as it latches on to a soulful sidechained chord progression bound to send dancefloors up in rapture.

‘The inspiration for the track comes from my love for early French/Disco House from the 90s. I listened to Cassius’ ‘1999’ album a lot during the first lockdown and I wanted to bring back the ‘funky disco’ vibes to 2022.’ says Brownlow about his new drop.

Listen to Tom Brownlow’s ‘Dance Of The Cigarette Fairies’ below.

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