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The musical journey of Tom Tainted: Reflections and aspirations

As we enter the new year, we have a conversation with Tom Tainted to reflect on the highlights and challenges he encountered as a DJ/Producer in the Electronic Dance music scene in 2023.

Photo credit: Tom Tainted – Official

In this interview, Tom shares memorable moments, outstanding performances, new projects, the inspiration behind his latest release ‘Beauty Of The Glen,’ and personal insights from the past year.

Join us as we delve into his musical journey thus far and explore his aspirations for the upcoming year.

EG: Hi Tom, welcome to EG! Looking back on the past year, what has been the most memorable or challenging aspect of your journey as a DJ/Producer in the Electronic Dance music scene?

Tom Tainted: Hello, thanks for the invite. The most memorable experience this year probably was Amsterdam Dance Event. It was really interesting and insightful to attend some of the workshops and conference events. But the best was really to connect with like-minded people, and fellow artists and finally meet some friends in person that I only knew online before… oh, and don’t forget the parties!

EG: ADE is always a must. Can you share with us a standout moment or performance from the year that you’ll treasure forever? What made it so special for you as a DJ/Producer?

Tom Tainted: There were quite a few highlights this year, so it’s really hard to pick one. But I’d say Ferry Corsten playing my track ‘Beauty Of The Glen’ on his Resonation Radio show. The show is broadcasted from the famous ASOT studio and to see and hear my track on the show felt a bit unreal.

EG: Can you pick one of your favorite tracks from this year, one of your own productions, and what about it resonates with you as a DJ/Producer?

Tom Tainted: ‘Beauty Of The Glen’, because when I produced it, it was one of these rare tracks where you just get into the flow and everything kind of comes together so easily. It was inspired by a vacation in the Scottish highlands, so there’s also lots of nice memories connected with it.

EG: Beyond your own work, were there any Electronic Dance music tracks or albums released this year that have left a lasting impact on you, either musically or personally as a DJ/Producer?

Tom Tainted: There were so many good tracks this year, but the ones with the most impact probably were Julia Eliza – ‘Follow Me’, 08 Orbit – ‘Borderline EP’, both great releases by very talented producers and I got to do a remix for both of them, so that really got me diving deep into the music. And maybe Eelke Kleijn – ‘Time Machine’ and Mitch de Klein – ‘Embrace’. I’ve been following Mitch for a while now, and it’s great to see his progress as an artist, on top of that, he’s a really nice guy.

“Beauty Of The Glen was inspired by a vacation in the Scottish highlands, so there’s a lot of nice memories connected with it”

EG: If you could perform at any Electronic Dance music festival in the world next year, which one would it be, and why, from the perspective of a DJ/Producer?

Tom Tainted: Tough one to decide because there are so many awesome events like EDC or Tomorrowland, but I’d probably choose Luminosity Beach Festival because of the location, right on the beach in Zandvoort, and most of all for the crowd. It’s an incredible vibe there.

EG: As we kick off the new year, can you share how you celebrate and welcome the arrival of 2024, and does music play a special role in your New Year’s Eve festivities as a DJ/Producer?

Tom Tainted: The last few months were really a bit exhausting, to be honest, and I’m taking some time off after Christmas to recharge and spend some time outdoors and also in the studio, so New Year’s Eve will be all about family and friends this year, but we’ll also spin some tunes for sure.

EG: Can you share your personal or professional resolutions for the upcoming year as a DJ/Producer, and how do they align with your musical ambitions?

Tom Tainted: Personally, I want to do more sports again. In spring, I went on a bike-packing adventure with 2 close friends, which was awesome, but I didn’t go mountain biking in the past few months, so I definitely want to get back into it. And professionally, I want to finish the projects I’m currently working on, keep releasing on a regular basis, perform more in 2024, and just keep growing as an artist.

EG: If you could collaborate with any DJ or Producer in the Electronic Dance music scene in the new year, who would it be, and what kind of track or project do you envision creating together as a DJ/Producer?

Tom Tainted: I already talked with Julia Eliza about doing a collab, so that one is something I’m looking forward to in the next year. But if I could choose anyone, I’d probably pick Tinlicker for a collab. I think that would be a lot of fun, and I could also learn a ton from that.

“I want to finish the projects I’m currently working on, keep releasing on a regular basis, perform more in 2024, and just keep growing as an artist”

EG: How do you see your musical style or approach evolving in the new year as a DJ/Producer, and are there any genres or musical elements you’d like to explore further?

Tom Tainted: I think I’ll stay in the Progressive/Melodic vibe, but I do want to make a Progressive Breakbeat track again and maybe also one that’s a little more trance-y. But I also have an unfinished project of a proper House track on my hard drive, and I’d love to go back at it and finish it, but maybe release it under a different alias.

EG: If you had to create a playlist of songs that represent your hopes, goals, and aspirations for 2024 as a DJ/Producer, what tracks would you include, and why do they hold significance for you in your musical journey?

Tom Tainted: 2023 was an awesome year for me as an artist, and I feel gratitude for all the things that were happening. The industry is a bit crazy, and I sometimes feel like losing my mind, but I believe the rhythm goes on & on for me in 2024. I hope next year will be my time, and that the gates are open for me. All the fans and people that support and follow me make me feel like I’m standing on shoulders of giants, and that I can reach all my goals in 2024. So hopefully I’ll see you on the beach.

Here’s the tracklist:

1. Above & Beyond, anamé, Marty Longstaff – Gratitude
2. DJ Paize, Tom Tainted – Things
3. Pretty Pink – Happening
4. Cri – Losing My Mind
5. Something Good, Yotto – Rhythm (Of the Night)
6. Armin van Buuren – On & On
7. Naws – My Time
8. Helsloot, Goom Gum – Open The Gate
9. Julia Eliza – Follow Me (Stefan Hollaender Remix)
10. Susana, Costa – Shoulders of Giants (Huvagen Remix)
11. York – On The Beach (Kryder Remix)

Tom Tainted ‘Beauty Of The Glen’ is out now via Spitfire Music. Stream and download here.

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