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Tomorrowland launches ‘RISE’ program to spotlight new artists

‘RISE’ is a music program that promotes lesser-known artists to gain global recognition.

Tomorrowland presents ‘RISE,’ a music program that promotes new and under-recognized artists. As part of the project they just released the compilation, ‘RISE VA’ (Vol. 1), which features six tracks from  Vidojean x Oliver Loenn, Layla Benitez and MotherEarth, Tigerblind, KILL SCRIPT, Olympe, and Spada.

Published by Tomorrowland Music, ‘RISE VA’ (Vol. 1) showcases new talent through a carefully curated collection of tracks, with the aim of attracting global attention. The collection caters to a wide spectrum of electronic music listeners, offering something for every preference.

Listen to ‘RISE VA’ (Vol. 1) below and download your copy here.

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