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Tony Pike, Pikes hotel founder, has passed

Foto: Getti Images

He gave life to a legendary place in Ibiza.

Last weekend the founder of the famous Pikes hotel lost his battle against prostate and skin cancer, the venue owners confirmed his death through the hotel’s Facebook account.

At the end of the 70’s, Tony Pike bought an abandoned farm and created the hotel with his family. Over time Pikes became a space known to receive famous names from the world of music including George Michael, Killie Minogue, Joaquín Cortés, Wham and Carl Cox.

In addition, in 1987 Freddie Mercury celebrated his 41st birthday in this iconic place with more than 500 guests. Among them were Grace Jones, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Anthony Quinn, Bon Jovi, Boy George, Tony Curtis, Julio Iglesias, Robert Plant, Naomi Campbell and members of Spandau Ballet.

In 2008, Pike sold the hotel to Ibiza Rocks. In 2017 he published a memories book with Matt Trollope, where he described his adventures and life full of luxuries. In 2018, he began raising money to pay for his treatment, stating that he needed “dendritic cell therapy as soon as possible.”

A day after his death, Dawn Hindle, co-owner of the hotel, issued a statement through the hotel’s Facebook account: “We were honoured to have a close relationship with Tony that started when we first arrived in Ibiza in 1994. When we bought Pikes, Tony was part of the package. Even at the age of 85 he was amazing – full of energy, and with a zest for life of someone of much younger years. I do feel it is the end of an era, Tony was part of a generation of characters, trail-blazers and adventure-seekers who arrived in Ibiza over 40 years ago. We will make sure Tony’s dreams and his incredible legacy live on”.

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