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BEC shares her Top 10 home listening essentials

Named as one of the Top 10 Leading Ladies of the Underground last year by a renowned magazine along with being snapped up by the almighty Pan-Pot who recognized BEC’s rare talent to join their roster of world-class DJs under the Second State imprint is no surprise when you look at her career in music so far. It may have only begun a short time ago, but in just a few years she’s accomplished more than most hope to achieve in a lifetime. Brighton born, London bred, and now Berlin based, by her early twenties BEC has rocked floors at top clubs from London, to Hong Kong, to Berlin and Barcelona to name but a few. Becoming a firm favorite with club crowds and the industries elite the world over isn’t an easy task, but with her infectious charisma and a vividly distinct sound spanning the vast spaces of grooving, cerebral Techno, she is able to do it with ease.

BEC is about to release her latest EP ‘Law of Attraction’ via Second State and she has shared some of her listening essentials.

1. Múm – Smell Memory

“Absolutely love the glitchy, experimental vibe and interesting, unpredictable arrangement.”

2. Contact Field Orchestra – In The Dungeon

“I first saw this artist at Fusion festival and then again on the roof of a bar in the summer in Berlin. He records most sounds with his own handmade instruments, mind-blowing!”

3. Francis Bebey – Forest Nativity

“Love African electronic music, and this one is a classic! The flutes are the best part of this track for me.”

4. Boards Of Canada – Everything You Do Is A Balloon

“One of my favorite duos ever. This track has a special place in my heart. And think the track name is pretty cool! You have to think about what it really means but once it clicks, you understand.”

5. Iglew – Urban Myth

“A friend sent me this track whilst we were sharing music with each other and I was in my hotel room late at night before a gig. There’s something dark and eerie about it, my mind wonders when listening to it.”

6. Autechre – Clipper

“Love this Autechre track. The long haunting bassline helps to guide the track through the glitchiness, pads and short synth lines.”

7. Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto – Uoon I

“Such unique soundscapes in the whole of the album this track is from Vrioon. The piano in this particular track sets it apart from the rest.”

8. Dead Can Dance – Kiko

“Such a beautiful track. Very psychedelic.”

9. Mogwai – Remurdered

“Really love the guitar in this. I used to go to Reading festival and Glastonbury a lot when I was younger so it brings me back to these days!”

10. Hiroshi Yoshimura – Hayama Special Version 1

“A super relaxing ambient track from my favorite ambient artist.”

BEC’s ‘Law of Attraction’ EP is already available. Grab your copy here.

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