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Colossio selects 10 inspiring tracks that fueled his passion for electronic music

Fernando Luna, known by his stage name Colossio, is a highly acclaimed Mexican DJ and producer hailing from Monterrey, México. With his unique fusion of rock, pop, and analog with digital electronic music genres, he has made a significant impact on the music scene.

Photo credit: Colossio – Official

Colossio has released influential tracks on renowned labels such as Calypso, Duro, Borders of Flight, and Exit Strategy. He has performed at top-notch venues including Topaz Deluxe, Bar Americas, Funk in Mexico, Lux Fragil in Portugal, and Forum in Israel, among others.

In addition to his contribution to Innervisions’ highly anticipated new ‘Secret Weapons’, Colossio recently released an EP titled ‘Amen / Ryen’ in collaboration with Luke Garcia on the esteemed Canadian label microCastle. You can stream and download it here.

To celebrate this release, Colossio has curated a collection of 10 inspiring tracks that have fueled his passion for electronic music throughout his career.

1. The Doors – The End

“The first time I listened to this song, I became interested in making music. At that moment I was already playing in a rock band with my friends… but this song still inspires me today.”

2. Moby – Lift Me Up

“When I was young, I enjoyed listening to this song at every party I went to, an absolute banger for those nights.”

3. Daniel Maloso – No Doy Nada

“This song for me is definitely something that revolutionized the way I perceive music. As a matter of fact, I’m still including it in some of my sets today.”

4. Ivan – Fotonovela

“For me, this is one of the most iconic songs from Ivan and it really is a true work of art, when I need to clear my mind to start working on a new song, I love to listen to it in my studio and the ideas start flowing right away.”

5. The Swiss – Manthem

“When I think about making a Colossio Live Band, I would like it to be like this… Luke Million is one of the producers I most admire.”

6. Herb Alpert – Rise

“In my daily life, I do not only listen to electronic music, I’m very open to different genres but I’m more into rock and pop. I enjoy playing this song when I’m driving, it helps me relax in traffic.”

7. Nino Ferrer – Looking for you

“During my trip through Europe, this song was like a soundtrack for me… I felt like I was in a movie, I listened to it daily when having breakfast in the morning.”

8. José José – Amor de Discoteque

“A few years ago, I had a project with a friend and this song was our reference for making music. A Mexican jewel by the prince of the song.”

9. Charly Garcia – Peluca Telefónica

“Lately I have strongly identified with Charly’s music. All these years I have been listening to his albums, and I never get tired of them, every time I finish listening to one of his albums, I want to start to record music in my studio.”

10. Joy Division – Transmission

“Although it might sound bizarre for some people, this kind of song actually helped me a lot to define how I wanted my music to sound, and here is where it all began…”

Colossio & Luke Garcia’s ‘Amen / Ryen’ EP is out now via microCastle. Stream and download here.

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