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Hologramme shares 10 influential tracks

Photo credit: JS Suave

Hologramme is the work of producer and composer Clément Leduc. After a self-produced and critically acclaimed first album in 2015 – among the best albums of 2015 according to ICI Musique and named as best electronic album of the year at GAMIQ – The artist inaugurates the new Jacques-Cartier bridge in Montreal under the management of the Moment Factory multimedia box. He then collaborated with the Dead Obies, the Quebec / Moroccan artist La Bronze, and co-wrote and produced 1952, Geoffroy’s new album.

Hologramme returns from a residence in Berlin with new influences and a new sound to present via the projects debut LP, ‘Felicity’. Populated with precious collaborators; Felix Petit (Les praises / Hubert Lenoir), Adrien (Gustafson), Senegalese guitarist Assane Sek and Laurent Saint-Pierre (Laurence-Anne), Hologramme gives us a contrasting universe in which sensuality, desire, and darkness mix. With strong influences from South American and African music, the artist uses electronic music to build a nocturnal, dreamlike, and captivating frame. After several awards at the end of the year, Hologramme begins 2020 with a new single and announces the release of a remix LP surrounding Felicity. We can hear remixes of Fakear, Robert Robert, Ouri and many others to come.

On stage, the artist teams up with the Baillat Studio multimedia box (Red Bull, Mutek, FIJM) to create an immersive concert combining video, sound, lighting and special effects. Surrounded by its collaborating musicians and its synthesizers, Hologramme offers a unique and captivating stage performance

His latest single, ‘Dream’, expands on both his electronica and atmospherically driven sound with the accompanying music video directed by Alexis Belhumeur-Coupal​, setting the release apart from his previous works. Incorporating a gritty, stylized, and rebellious human storyline on Montréal’s alternative youth culture with strong art direction. ‘Dream’ is an illustrative detour from his previously visually centered clips, further setting the tone for new and exciting applications for his productions.

For the special occasion Hologramme shares 10 influential tracks. 

1. Sébastien Tellier – La Ritournelle ( Giligan Moss Remix)

“I’ve always liked Sébastien Tellier. In this remix, I find the balance between real drums, pianos, synths, and beat perfect. It breathes and the chord progression sits perfectly, reminds me of some French 79″.

2. Griff and HONNE – 1,000, 000 X Better (Romare Remix)

“I’m a huge fan of Romare. His sounds and his groove are so unique and genuine. In this remix, I find that the mix between his universe and Griff’s makes it perfect for the club!”

3. Donny Benét – Konichiwa

“What can I say? I love a good kitsch pop song that spoofs all the bad elements from the 80s. And the video too… It’s just perfect!”

4. Myd – Moving Men (feat. Mac DeMarco)

“I find that Myd is always on point. Between his groovy French touch, his twisted humor and his good visuals, there is something highly satisfying. His DJSet during the pandemic were also really fire. There’s always something wrong and that’s what makes it right”.

5. Hana Riani – F major

“I come from a classical background. I’ve studied classical piano for 14 years before switching to jazz, then to electronic – so when I hear someone play with that ease and using scales I like, it’s just perfect. I like how you can hear every moving part from an upright piano. The video is genius”.

6. Park Hye Jin – I DON’T CARE

“Just a good house track. Perfect track for a mix”.

7. Edu Lobo – Zum-Zum

“I miss traveling. Sao Paulo is a place I really miss. The music there is so great. You can walk in a venue and see the best hardcore/noise concert you’ve ever seen and right after go listen to the best jazz musicians in a small bar”.

8. Muddy Monk – Si l’on Ride

“Muddy Monk is one of my favorite French artists. His compositions are so real, I find it important to feel that an artist is authentic and genuine and his lofi-moody-retrowave tells no lies”.

9. Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm – A1

“This is just the summit of tones and musicians. Probably two of the best musical geniuses alive today. I never get tired of this song, every loop just glues together into this harmonic and melodic polyrhythm tale. Like every producer, when I listen to music I have a tendency to overanalyze but this song just makes me numb”.

10. Odezenne – Svengo

“Probably in my top 5 favorite artists, Odezenne is always accurate. Even if you can’t understand what they sing, you’ll understand the feel and the intention”.

Hologramme’s ‘Dream’ is now available. Stream and buy here.

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