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Iakovos shares some of his all-time favorite tracks and compilations

Iakovos just released his latest EP ‘Adidas People’ on Bliq label. This time he shares some of his all-time favorite dance records and mix CD’s that have inspired him throughout the years.

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1. Scion – Arrange and process basic channel tracks

“I bought this CD when I was 17 or something from a tiny record shop in Thessaloniki when I just started discovering techno. It introduced me to both BC and Tresor”.

2. Chateau Flight – Cosmic Race

“All time favourite track that I like to play in after party situations”.

3. IF – Space Invaders are Smoking Grass

“One of my all time favourite electro tracks. Stoner anthem”.

4. Burial – Archangel

“This came out when I moved to the UK to study and it was my soundtrack while walking in the rainy dark streets of Hatfield at night”.

5. Ricardo Villalobos – What You Say Is More Than I Can Say

“One of my favourite RV tunes, and the one that introduced me to his music, even though I appreciated him more later in my early twenties after seeing him one night at Fabric, where his DJ set made me totally lose my mind”.

6. Newworldaquarium – The Force

“This is one of the most repetitive and addictive tracks I’ve heard. Even though there aren’t many changes going on and it’s a 10 min long tune, I still rewind and listen to it again and again and again”.

7. Aphex Twin – Ptolemy

“I got into Aphex Twin quite late from a friend that is totally obsessed with him. Other than ‘Windowlicker’ and ‘Come To Daddy’, I never really bothered going through his discography. Definitely my favourite album of his, kind of naive and raw comparing to his latest stuff”.

8. Carl Craig – The Workout CD 1

“I absolutely love this mix”.

9. DimDJ – Drive Lost

“My favourite artist from my hometown Thessaloniki that really inspired me in my early years of discovering electronic music. He released this album on his own label, Relax records”.

10. Cybotron – Clear

“I had a period where i was totally obsessed with Detroit (still am) and the early years of techno, I guess nostalgia for an era that I never witnessed”

Order Iakovos’ latest release on Bliq here.

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