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Joseph Ashworth shares some music to march too

Joseph Ashworth has been making waves with a distinctive sound, that exists somewhere between house, techno and electronica. Like any great musician, he takes inspiration from a much larger spectrum and continues to be one of the most versatile and exciting producers in electronic music today.

Joseph Ashworth just released his new ‘Trooper’ EP on Life & Death. For the special occasion he has selected some tracks you can march with.

1. Portishead – Machine Gun – Island Records

“Those beats have heavily influenced me for over a decade. They remind me of some kind of grinding soviet ‘show of force’ military parade”

2. Levon Vincent – Anti-Corporate Music – Novel Sound

“I had this rhythm in my mind when I started making trooper, I think you can tell!”

3. Kraftwerk – Electro Kardiogramm  – Capitol Records

“One of my favorite Kraftwerk songs. I love the mechanical rhythm, like an assembly line, but with the organic element of breathing – the man-machine hybrid that Kraftwerk captured so amazingly”

4. Andy Stott – Cherry Eye – Modern Love

“This album was such a memorable moment, and this track always reminded me of marching”

5. Skudge – Haste – Skudge

“This track’s often in the back of my mind when I’m making music on the harder end of the scale. Mechanical and groovy at the same time. Bad audio on the clip, sorry!”

6. Tronco Traxx – Henry Street Music

“A no-brainer – March for me, serve”

7. Joseph Ashworth – Trooper – Life and Death

“Trooper pushes a new sound that I have been exploring – with grit and excitement taking charge rather than finesse and tidiness. It makes me think of some kind of disturbing military march, a little bit agressive and a little bit noisy, hence the name”

8. SAVE! – The Darkness (I:Cube Remix) – Les Disques De La Mort

Definitely a weirded-out walk, looking over your shoulder marching track”

9. Beatrice Dillon – Curl – Alien Jams

“Perfect music for marching if you’re the moon”

10. Neotropic – Beautiful Pool – Ntone

“Taking it down to a gentle stroll”

Joseph Ashworth’s ‘Trooper’ is already available on Life and Death. Grab your copy here.

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