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Kadebostany selects his 10 favorite albums

Guillaume de Kadebostany, also known as President Kadebostan, is the creative mind behind the music project Kadebostany. He has achieved chart success with several singles, including ‘Castle in the Snow,’ ‘Mind if I Stay,’ ‘Early Morning Dreams,’ and a new version of Beyonce’s ‘Crazy in Love’ featured on the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack. His latest single, ‘Take Me To The Moon,’ was even on the official Grammy ballot for Best Pop Performance.

Photo credit: Kadebostany – Official

He has spent over a decade creating his unique vision of electronic and pop music. His songs have been streamed over one billion times on YouTube, topped charts in more than thirty countries, and been performed at over 700 live shows in 25+ countries. He has received high praise from international press outlets such as Vice, GQ, Spin, CNN, Rolling Stone, Vogue, and Marie Claire.

Kadebostany’s latest album, ‘Play This At My Funerals,’ is a deeply personal collection of tracks that the artist would like played at their own funeral. The album is a stylish and refined blend of folk and adventurous electronic music, featuring stellar melodies and sublime vocals.

To celebrate the release of his latest album, Kadebostany has chosen his top 10 favorite albums.

1. Murcof – Martes

“This record, Murcof-Martes, was fundamental for me in the beginning. It’s the perfect blend of melancholy, meticulous production, and minimalism.”

2. Senor Coconut – Sweet Dreams

“Senor Coconut is a master at editing and arranging, skillfully incorporating classic band recording techniques with cutting-edge production.”

3. Herbert – Something isn’t right

“Herbert’s album is highly conceptual electro-pop with a straightforward, adventurous, and dogmatic production. I saw this live back in the day, and it made me want to have a band.”

4. Moodymann – Forevernevermore

“This is the best album, period!”

5. OMFO – Magic Mamaliga

“Love the production of this quite mysterious artist. It’s different, timeless, and brilliant.”

6. Ernest Ranglin – Below the bassline

“Play this album at a family reunion, and everyone will be happy.”

7. Rhythm & Sound – Free for all

“A classic album.”

8. Terence Parker – Love’s got me high

“This song is a must-play at my wedding.”

9. Avishai Cohen – Smash

“I heard this song on the radio 10 years ago, and it made me stop my car. One of my biggest musical shocks.”

10. Tom Misch – Gypsy Woman


Kadebostany’s ‘Play This At My Funerals’  is out now. Download your copy here.
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