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LUV HRTS share 10 influential tracks shaping the new project’s signature sound

GRAMMY Award-nominated producer Benjamin David (Mild Minds) and Victor Pakpour of Ruby Haunt return as LUV HRTS with their latest release ‘CAN WE DO BETTER?’ on MOODS INTL.

Photo credit: LUV HRTS – Official

‘CAN WE DO BETTER?’ showcases luminous melodies and atmospheric textures with a smooth dancefloor beat, blending Benjamin’s electronic style with Victor’s indie sensibilities. This collaboration highlights their creative synergy, which has been years in the making.

Mild Minds (Benjamin David) is often compared to artists like Bonobo, Maribou State, Caribou, and Four Tet. With over 200 million streams and tours with Big Wild and TYCHO, his genre-blending electronic music balances dancefloor energy with downtempo vibes.

Victor Pakpour of Ruby Haunt has over 40 million streams and is known for his minimalistic pop and alt-Indie electronic music. His style complements Mild Minds’ house-driven electronica, merging seamlessly in LUV HRTS.

To celebrate the release, Benjamin David AKA Mild Minds and Victor of Ruby Haunt share 10 favorite tracks (5 each) that inspired their new music. These cuts reflect the duo’s eclectic influences and emotional depth in their music.

1. Sounds Of Fractures – HOLD ME

Benjamin David: “I’ve really been into the idea of super emotional songs that use garage elements or breaks to create a modern combo that hasn’t really existed before, to a certain degree you’re hearing it everywhere, but most things are lacking in depth. I think Sounds of Fractures is nailing this aesthetically.”

2. SBTRKT – Miss the Days

Benjamin David: “I love the pair of SBTRKT and LEILAH, everything they do has a lot of beauty to it. Similar to the track above they channel emotion in a stronger way than most in this genre.”

3. Kloyd – Sur

Benjamin David: ‘Sur’ manages to elicit the feeling of waiting with hopefulness, beautiful repetition, and the interplay between different rhythmic loops with a growing bassline underneath.”

4. Vegyn – Halo Flip (feat. Lauren Auder)

Benjamin David: Vegyn is channeling some very interesting early 2000s references which feels super fresh. As well as the art for the track, you get a throwback to the Napster era with the ‘radio rip’ voiceover. Another track full of beauty and emotion.”

5. Sofia Kourtesis – Valkoczy

Benjamin David: Sofia Kourtesis is one of my favorite producers, her music hits deep and fits so many special moments in life. Somehow she has so many songs like that. It’s no small feat.”

6. Duskus – Where to Go

Victor Pakpour: “I love the way he uses vocal chops. He does it in a way that carries such emotion in a tasteful way.”

7. Swim – The Rid

Victor Pakpour: “The breakdown at 1:42 is so nostalgic, I could listen to that on loop all day. I’m a big fan of his drum tones as well. Perfect mix of raw / hi-fi.”

8. DJ something – For U

Victor Pakpour: “This EP he put out is something I find myself listening to all the time. Lofi’s emotional house is one of my favorite styles of music, especially while traveling.”

9. MAKS (FR) – Sofiahouse

Victor Pakpour: “A friend showed me this song and it’s a fun one. That sub-bass absolutely knocks. Good start to the weekend song.”

10. Vecher 1998 – Tocka

Victor Pakpour: “The vocal paired with those tones feels so fresh to me. Haven’t heard a combo like this before and love the vocals.”

LUV HRTS ‘CAN WE DO BETTER?’ is now available via MOODS INTL. Stream and download here.

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