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Mr. Sosa shares 10 inspirational tracks for his latest LNOE release

Rising from the Southampton dance scene Mr. Sosa made a name for himself both in the clubs and behind the mixing desk. Bournemouth- based Mr.Sosa has gone from strength to strength over the last two years & has made a serious name for himself in the house & breakbeat scene, renowned for his menacing acid lines & catchy chords. He first rose to the scene with his release ‘Orion’, which included the famous tracks ‘feel the love’ & ‘Orion’ that were supported, downloaded, and streamed worldwide and were even pressed due to popular demand. With the success of his releases such as ‘Orion’ & ‘Zealous’ came support from Anjunadeep & Sasha, which lead to Mr. Sosa signing to Anjunadeep & Last Night On Earth in the same year. Entering Last Night on Earth with ‘Coco Drum’, Mr. Sosa follows up with a strong 4 track EP that shows off this producer’s eclectic sound.

Mr. Sosa’s new ‘Super Imposed’ EP is out now via Sasha’s LNOE. Today, he shares 10 tracks that inspired him to produce his latest musical package.

1. Bloc Party – Montreal (Ejeca Remix)

“The overall flow and feel of this track-inspired my use of organs, vocal structure, and arrangement on ‘Paradox’, definitely one of my favorite tracks back when it was first released”.

2. Bodhi – Brawd

“I couldn’t stop playing this track in 2015, and when I unintentionally made a similar metallic bass on ‘Paradox’, it instantly reminded me of this track”.

3. Software – Island Sunrise

To me, this track was way ahead of its time, possibly the first LoFi-esque vaporwave track coming from 1988. I definitely went for a similar vibe with the beach and bird noises in the background of ‘Beach Tape’“.

4. Ray Kandinski – Haus am Pazifik

I remember being blown away by the soundscape of this one, everything was perfectly placed, and similarly to ‘Beach Tape’, the beach sounds added a vibe I had never heard before“.

5. Galcher Lustwerk – Soul Control – (Palms Trax Remix)

Synth selection in this track is really nice for sound design inspiration“.

6. Mr. Sosa – Psychedelic Jungle

“I actually produced ‘Sundance’ right after this track and there we’re definitely influences on drums and overall the overall vibe that crossed over into ‘Sundance’“.

7. Marlon Hoffstadt – Hand In Hand

“The drum work and chord progressions are super nice in this. ‘Super Imposed’ and ‘Sundance’ follow a similar style”.

8. Dusky – Static

Always been a big fan of Dusky. When this was released, the bass line and arp work were exactly what I was going for on the EP“.

9. OCB – Aquaquest Pt. 2 (The Anticlimax)

This track has some insanely chopped breaks. There is a section of drums in ‘Paradox’ that reflects this style

10. Fantastic Man – Galactic Ecstasy

Love the dreamy aspect of this track, I tried to encapsulate something similar in ‘Super Imposed’

Mr Sosa’s ‘Super Imposed’ EP is available now. You can buy & stream here

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