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Nico De Transilvania shares 10 influential tracks

Nico de Transilvania is the ultimate entertainer as a DJ and a performer. Bringing together a blend of Global Electronic Beats with Dance Music, native-born Transilvanian, Nico, has carved out her own niche as an international DJ. Nico has recently produced her debut album “Be One”, to be released on a Global platform this year, and is currently putting together a live show of the album. She calls this genre Folkloric Electronic, influenced by her ancestral roots and love of electronic music.

During her DJ sets, Nico takes you on a unique journey exploring an eclectic mix of music genres. Her intention is to showcase the traditional instruments and chants from all around the world, using the electronic music platform to bring them back to life. Having a life long love affair with dance as a choreographer and with movement as a yoga teacher, Nico’s sets are focused on moving you from the core of your being, body and soul!

Following her recent single, which is currently available as a free download via Soundcloud, Nico De Transilvania shares 10 tracks that have shaped her “Muzicã Without Frontiers” motto.

1. Smoke City – Underwater Love

“An old time favorite song from my teenage years which combines elements from Brazilian traditional music, sounds of the rain forest, and a gentle and constant guitar strum. This is where my love for electronic world music started”.

2. Sofi Tukker – Matadora

“When this song came out I just fell in love with it instantly. The combination of strings, clapping, drumbeat and chanting female vocals delivered by Sophie feels like a ritual song of some sort, taking you on a ride that you’re not getting off!”

3. Nicola Cruz – La Cosecha

“Love this whole album! Nicola celebrates his ancestral roots by combining sounds of his native landscape and rituals with a beautifully crafted analogue sound”.

4. Bonobo – Bambro Koyo Ganda (feat. Innov Gnawa)

“One of my favorite artists right from the start of my DJ career. Being a world music DJ, I was super happy when this track came out featuring Gnawa music – which is sung in spiritual and cultural ceremonies – on a Bonobo signature track, the king of downtempo electronica!”

5. O’Flynn – Desmond’s Empire

“This young man from Leeds combines African chants and accordion riffs with electronic beats, transporting listeners to the depths of Africa”.

6. Nu – Man O To

“I am a huge Rumi poetry lover, and this song features one of his love poems in Iranian, where Rumi was originally from (formerly Persia). The humming and vocals in this song, added to a solid and consistent electronic rhythm, makes me think of a lullaby”.

7. Nicolas Jarr – Mi Mujer

“When this came out, I just loved the Latin influences in it which give it a soft and emotional feel with the steady build-up of his electronic composition”.

8. Nickodemus – feat. Ismael Kouyate – N’Dini (Tal M. Klein Remix)

“I love Wonderwheel’s world music productions! This is a great world funk tune with lyrics from a traditional song from Guinea sung by Ismael with so much passion!”

9. Unders – Syria

“Deep House at its best! I find this song super emotive, and an important subject matter. The way it kicks in after the breakdown makes it a perfect song for a DJ set!”

10. Sahale – Djiin

“This song makes me think of the longing for connection with ancestors and nature. I can feel the desert in this song. A superb combination of traditional instruments and chants with electronic beats”

Download Nico De Transilvania’s ‘Come Get Your Sisters – (Hai După Surori) feat. Monooka’ here. 

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