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Odyssey Music selects 10 tracks ahead of the Odyssey Festival debut

The Odyssey Music Festival 20XX has unveiled the plans for its first edition which will be featuring some of the brightest talents in house, tech, bass, trap, and techno. The event debut is planned to take place on July, 30th, 2022 at Vinoy Park, located in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Alongside 3 distinct stages with mind-warping production (Odyssey, Wave, and Rawsome), the festival’s team has confirmed a list of renowned international and local talents, including artists such as Hannah Wants, Rafa Barrios, Kyle Walker, Deeper Purpose, Greco, Alice Clark, Brian Busto, Jason Kitchen, Lyndon Uy, Pedro M, Yheti, Juelz, Deadcrow, Barnacle Boi, Pauline Herr, BackWhen, XTN, Funkshway, Romeo, Charles Meyer, Galo, Gambit, Ky William, Meen, Slugg, Yokai, Biagi, Brizee, Curtis James, Cut & Sew, DJ Kiko, Lee-O, Slick Vizion, Skyler, Devries, Taetro, Vinsolo, Karim, and Monessa.

As the Odyssey Music Festival 20XX gears up for its Saint Petersburg, Florida debut at Vinoy Park, its organizers share their 10 favorite tracks to get into that festival mood.


1. Hannah Wants & Leonardo Gonnelli – Let Us Pray


2. Rafa Barrios – Ravinghook


3. Deeper Purpose – Strike A Pose


4. Kyle Walker & Max Styler – Memories Of You


5. Greco (NYC) – Trippin ft. XTN


6. Alice Clark – Stellular


7. Hannah Wants & Jess Bays – I Don’t Know (feat. Jennifer Jamieson)


8. Rafa Barrios, Carloh – Borrando Penas


9. Deeper Purpose & Intrusive – Excuse Me


10. Kyle Walker & VLTRA – Zilla


The Odyssey Music Festival 20XX will be taking place on July, 30th at the Vinoy Park, located in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Find more info about tickets and hotel accommodations here.

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