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QUIVVER shares 10 unique-sounding tracks

John Graham, also known as QUIVVER, is recognized for his versatility and innovative approach in the music industry. He has released popular hits under various production aliases, including Quivver, Space Manoeuvres, Stoneproof, Skanna, and Tilt.

Photo Credit: Quivver – Facebook

QUIVVER has an extensive collection of music, releasing tracks on his own label, Controlled Substance and BozBoz Records, as well as respected labels like Bedrock, Toolroom, Raid/Strictly Rhythm, Yoshitoshi, Hooj Choons, and VC Recordings, among others. In addition to his DJ and production skills, QUIVVER has collaborated with artists such as Hybrid, Planet Funk, and The Low Highs.

QUIVVER will be performing at the Selador 10th Anniversary Party during the Amsterdam Dance Event. The event is scheduled for Saturday, October 21, 2023, at Boom Chicago. Joining QUIVVER in the lineup are Cris-H, Danny Howells, Dave Seaman, Miss Melera, Paul Sparkes, and Steve Parry. Get your tickets here.

Ahead of the special show, QUIVVER has shared his current top 10 unique-sounding tracks.

1. Marsh – Veil (Shen Recordings)

“Marsh doing what he does best… Weaving beautiful, atmospheric melodies with ethereal vocals. This time with a bit of acid sprinkled in for good measure.”

2. Tal Fussman – Children of ’95 (Innervisions)

“The man of the moment for me, another standout track from Tal Fussman. Old school vibes constructed with a new school approach. Big tune!”

3.  Quivver & Dave Seaman –   Rapid Unscheduled Assembly (Selador)

“Our new collaboration for the Fourth Selador decade EP. A fat kick drum, a pile of samples from Daves collection, and some weird synth ideas. This track is a strange brew, but we think it worked out very well…”

4. Dilby    Barricade  (Deepalma)

“A big, bouncing groove with an uplifting spoken vocal. Can’t wait to drop this at ADE!”

5.  One Million Toys –  Ai Man  (Digital Structures)

“A clever and unusual topline riff, on top of a solid groove. One Million Toys daring to be different and creating a winner here!”

6. Kevin Yost – Let’s Rock (I Records)

“Another one of my favourite producers drops another unique-sounding track. Never one to follow the crowd, and always bringing the proper deep house vibes.”

7. Dukwa    Lighthouse  (Diynamic)

“Some cool and cleverly edited piano chords moving around an equally cool and clever bass line.”

8. Tom Baker   Train To Yakkyn  (Stone Seed)

“Another artist making a real effort to do something a little different from the norm. Tom’s precision production shines on this track. I’ve been lucky enough to work with the original parts and am currently in the middle of my own remix of this…”

9. Victor Calderone & Mykol – Perspective (Matter+)

“Nice to hear someone still making cool, funky techno at a tempo I can relate to… Can’t help but nod your head to this one!”

10.  Renato Cohen –  Dew  (Sincopat)

“Some fat, funky beats and a rattling synth topline, sitting somewhere between House, Disco, and Prog…”

QUIVVER will be performing at the Selador 10th Anniversary Party on Saturday, October 21. Get your tickets here.

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