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Radeckt shares his top 10 inspiring electronic tracks

Based in Copenhagen, the Danish producer and DJ Radeckt has carved out a unique place in the electronic underground. His colourfully catchy synth leads, exotic percussive arrangements, and tough, dancefloor-minded grooves have made for a sound that is all his own. Adopting the moniker just over a half-decade ago, Radeckt has enjoyed a five-year creative swell, earning the praise of electronic music tastemakers such as Ame, Adana Twins, Echonomist, Innellea, and more; while AEON, MoBlack and TAU have served as landing spots for his transcendent sound. Having gotten the year underway with his latest TAU vehicle ‘Corroded Mind’, the artist now makes his microCastle debut with ‘Illusions Of A Romantic’.

To celebrate the release of ‘Illusions Of A Romantic’, Radeckt shares his top 10 inspiring electronic tracks.

1. Dennis Ferrer – Sinfonia del a Notte

“This track for me is timeless and has a great arrangement as well as a hypnotic melody which creates a great atmosphere and vibe.”

2. Jean Tonique – No Worries

“Very simple. Distorted kick, hell of a groove with chords, and vibe-y vocals. Whats not to love?”.

3. Denis Horvat – Humble Fragility

“Also a fellow Copenhagener which I have known and followed for several years. The way his sound has evolved over the years is something to takes notes from for me. To be experimental, keep having fun, and not being afraid of trying out new approaches. This track is the first from his upcoming album which is perfect proof of that. A glass of wine and long talks about music is always a pleasure and always brings me notes to bring home and think about.”

4. Drama – Gimme Gimme

“I love the way drama makes the fusion of electronic beats with poppy vocals. Their album ‘Dance Without Me’ has been a favorite on my Spotify for quite a while, very recommendable!”.

5. Forma – Hollow (Nandu Early Morning Mix)

Nandu is actually a friend I have known for a lot of years (around 20 more or less). We have always exchanged sounds and learned to produce music together through the years. So there’s a special connection to his music, also because his music on a lot of levels is different from my own way of producing. A great inspirational source and sparring partner.”.

6. Wahm – Aji Lehna

“Their latest releases have gotten me impressed with the inclusion of great percussion work, what I would guess also are acoustic instruments. Looking forward to hearing more from them!”

7. Jimi Jules – Lost Love

“Chosen from Jimi’s 2016 album ‘Equinox’. This is just one of SO many crazy productions from this guy. He always has a fresh sound and a unique way of producing, very inspirational and shows a certain diversity which can only be looked up to.”

8. Osunlade – Enivsion (Âme Remix)

“A modern classic I would say. A beautiful catchy vocal with everything needed to support it in the best way.”

9. Onur Ozman – Only Human

“I instantly fell in love with the track when I heard it. The emotion of the evolving synths and the aggressive percussive elements makes a perfect blend for me.”

10. Martin Dawson – Lonely

“Deep house was the genre where I started out producing and this track, in particular, was a style of deep house I craved a lot. Remember buying it on vinyl, simply just loved that groove, energy, and simplicity.”.

Radeckt’s ‘Illusions Of A Romantic’ is out now via microCastle. Grab your copy here.

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