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Samuele Scelfo shares some of his early music influences

Born in Florence, Samuele Scelfo has always been a lover of music. As a full-time resident at Morositas Club in Siena, Italy, within a few years he brought his sound to some of the best Italian and European clubs, sharing the booth with many of the greatest artists in the underground scene.

Samuele Scelfo is next to land on Hot Creations with his two-track release ‘My Father in Ibiza 1988’, which is inspired by his father’s unique vinyl collection that he bought on the White Isle almost thirty years ago. The artist explains that “dedicating the EP to him was the least I could do.”

To celebrate his new release Samuele Scelfo has selected some of his early musical influences.

1. Hugg & Pepp – Mazarin – Dahlbäck Records

‘This record holds a special place for me because it was one of the first tracks that made me really love electronic music.’

2. Amnesia – Ibiza (Loco Acid remix) – Indisc

‘A real Acid track from 1988! This record is part of my father’s vinyl collection, I really love it.’

3. Petter – Some Polyphony – Border Community

‘When I listen to my collection of club tracks between 2005 and 2008, ‘Some Polyphony’ is one of the more pleasant tracks to hear. 100% pure dancefloor killer track.’

4. Danilo Vigorito – Dubbing Angels – Intelligence

‘Dubbing Angels” is the typical song that you can’t listen to at home, you NEED to listen to it in a club with a good sound system and this totally converts into a real track bomb.’

5. Sacha Robotti – The Major – Dirtybird

‘A tech House bomb from 2012. It was one of the tracks I played a lot, sometimes it’s nice to play it again during my gigs.’

6. Hot Natured – Forward Motion – Hot Creations

‘It’s been years since I first fell in love with this voice, I still can’t help but fall in love with it over and over again!’

7. Mathew Jonson – Panna Cotta – Itiswhatitis Recordings

‘I listened to this track when I first went to Marco Carola’s gig in 2011 in Italy, the reaction from the dance floor was amazing!

8. Anthony Rother – Youth – Datapunk

‘Here is an amazing track from the legendary Anthony Rother. It is the first track on the A side of his EP “Super Space Model” released in 2006. The synths riding up and down are surreal!!!’

9) The Fear Ratio – Mas – Blueprint

‘For me Light Box is one of the best techno albums of 2011. “Mas” is just the cherry on top from one of my favorite duos.’

10. Thugfucker – Disco Gnome – Life And Death

‘This song brings back the best memories, I can’t believe this was released already 11 years ago. Time flies…’

Samuele Scelfo’s ‘My Father in Ibiza 1988’ it’s now available via Hot Creations. Stream and buy here.

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