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Shadow Child ‘Apollo’ Influences playlist

A true presence in the scene, Shadow Child has carved out an incredible reputation over a career that has spanned decades. Recent releases on Hot Creations and Unknown to the Unknown continue to showcase his ever-changing sound, whilst his Food Music label has welcomed standout productions from the likes of Krystal Klear and Rebuke. His Space Riot release on Danny Howard’s Nothing Else Matters kick-started an exciting 2020 for the UK native, with much more to come throughout the rest of the year.

Shadow Child just made his debut on Electronic Elements with ‘Apollo 1’, the first in a three-part EP series; as he describes “he was captivated by the big room sound of labels like R&S, Guerilla, Hard Hands, and Sven Väth’s Harthouse” and so wanted to create “a new concept project, spread across 3 EP’s which throwback to the 90’s melodic techno and progressive trance sound”.

For the special occasion he shares 10 songs that influenced his latest release.

1. Jam & Spoon – Stella – R&S

“This one epitomizes why I did the Apollo project… Not all soul music needs to be ‘soul’! Still beautiful and like most of the music here it’s timeless.”

2. Spicelab – We Got Spice (Humate mix) – Harthouse

“Again one of those that has a soul to it, every element was so perfect in this record, the strings on the breakdown into those synth stabs half way through is just perfect.”

3. Frank De Wulf – The Tape – Music Man

“Frank was the start of that European sound and this record is one you can play today without any complaints from anyone. One of the pioneers of this sound and still there today!”

4. Diddy – Give Me Luv (Peach Mix) – Peach/Positiva

“Probably one of the happiest tunes from that era but as glorious as it is, it raises a smile and ‘what’s that tune?’ from most people. Beautifully British melodic house.”

5. Greece 2000 – Three Drives – Hooj Choons

“One of those spine-tinglers and pops up everywhere still. Amazing music from one of the most successful iconic British labels of all time. Pure love.”

6. Humate – Love Stimulation (Paul van Dyk’s Love Club Mix) – Deviant Records

“I’m not shy with saying that Paul’s early music was a massive head turner for me.. not least this mix of Humate – another act who were instrumental in the pre-Tiesto era of Trance music that was groundbreaking without any pyrotechnics in sight.”

7. Peter Lazonby – Sacred Cycles (Jens Mahlstedt Mix) – Braniak

“I get the same goose-bumps I got the first day I heard this, in Sasha’s ‘95 Essential Mix, which was a defining moment for me as I dumped the jungle, and musically grew up after hearing the mix in full back then. This tune is again timeless”.

8. CJ Bolland – Carmague – R&S

“Absolutely no words needed for this one… In every aspect the perfect record from one of the most ground-breaking labels ever”.

9. Leftfield – Not Forgotten (Hard Hands Mix) – Outer Rhythm

“The original is a thing of beauty but the Hard Hands mix of this took it stratospheric. Another one that commands an ‘ID?’ Soon as it’s played. Stunning.”

10. Anna Nas – Anna Nas Part 1 – Big Fish Music

“Loved this since I first heard Sasha play it in 94. This was the UK ‘super club’ sound for me… and completely embodies that era superbly”.

Shadow Child’s ‘Apollo 1’ is now available via Electronic Elements. Buy and stream here

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