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Trikk shares 10 of his current favorite tracks

An artist who everyone has got on their radar, Trikk’s musical identity is a formation of life and experience, bringing his unique persona to much acclamation.

Behind the name lies a humble (foremost) producer and DJ; someone who has made his mark through a careful selection of labels: Innervisions, Lossless, and Optimo Music most prominently. Trikk’s reputation is one of an artist who pays acute attention to detail across every avenue – although this has resulted in a smaller production catalog, it has gained mighty respect from fellow DJs and music lovers – dancefloors and beyond, all over.

Now, the Portuguese artist has announced his forthcoming debut LP, ‘Fauna & Flora’. The incoming studio album will be available to stream and purchase via Âme & Dixon’s acclaimed Innervisions imprint.

In line with the announcement,  Trikk has also shared   ‘Don’t Forget To Breathe’. The new single provides a first glimpse of the album and finds the artist linking up with guitarist and singer-songwriter Jens Kuross.

To celebrate the release of ‘Don’t Forget To Breathe’, Trikk shares his 10 favorite tracks:

1. Der Rauber und der Prinz – Jagd auf den Hirsch

“In a perfect world, I would start every DJ set with this one. It has all the elements I like to listen to in the club – it’s out there and works in a dancefloor context. It’s also very interesting that this track was released back in 2010 on Desolat given the overall sound direction they were going for which makes it even more special.”

2. Viagra Boys – Just Like You

“It’s been my closing track for a few months. At the beginning of every show, my aim is to somehow build to play this one as the final track and sometimes it works and sometimes doesn’t, but when it does, it’s usually a good one.”

3. Metronomy – Dancefloors

“Here is another track that I’ve been closing my DJ sets with. I like the simple message behind it and sonically it brings closure to the night. Every time the first notes come in you can feel some lightness happening on the dancefloor, it lifts people up and it’s a great goodbye.”

4. Jimi Jules – Macarena

“Easily one of my favorite tracks from Jules’ album released on Innervisions this year. Fits perfectly on my DJ sets, instantly brings an edge to the dancefloor.”

5. Imperieux – Volti E Fantasmi

“I played this track many times over in 2019 and transitioned into the pandemic years till now. Timeless for me. Imperieux is a young producer from Bulgaria, in many ways underrated but still with a lot of years in front of him. He nails it in every track, go check him out.”

6. The Kills – No Wow

“A great crossover from the indie world into the club soundscape, not on purpose, I believe. Nonetheless, I played it a few times and it works. It’s awkward, but if you don’t judge it, you will feel it.”

7. SUUNS – Up Past The Nursery

“Love pretty much all the discography from SUUNS and personally feel that it crosses over quite well into the club universe. Is it meant to be? Probably not, but for me, this is one of those that really take you to a different place, and more importantly, I feel there’s space to listen to this at home and in the club environment, and for me that is important.”

8. Trentemøller – Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go !!! (Andrew Weatherall Prinz Mix)

“Played this many times and listened to this at home many times over the last years. It took me a while to decide to play it in a show, and suddenly I had 4 hours at the Robert Jonson club in Offenbach, and finally tried it. It was very rewarding to listen to this in a big sound system and see people dancing.”

9. Foals – Olympic Airways (Diskjokke Remix)

“I feel like I have owned this track for so many years and I don’t remember how I got it. Somehow, and strangely enough, it always shows up when I’m browsing to select the next track while deejaying. I remember seeing it every show, maybe it has a special meaning, maybe not. Either way, it’s a special one.”

10. Roman Flugel – Film 2

“I was quite upset with myself that I discovered this track only this year at Paradise City Festival while strolling around with Jimi Jules after our b2b set. We were standing at one of the stages listening to this DJ going from 128BPM to 150BPM in a matter of 15 minutes to try and achieve playing this as his last track. I found that really romantic because I tried many times to do the same but with a different track, and most of the time you don’t achieve it because it might not make sense with a crowd that you have in front of you or it doesn’t make sense because of so many other factors. And he did it, he managed to pull it off and this was the track.”

Trikk’s ‘Don’t Forget To Breathe’ is out now via Innervisions. Purchase your copy here.

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