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WLAD shares his most-played tracks of 2022

WLAD is a French DJ / producer and the founder of the hedZup Records label.

Of Parisian origin, he grew up in a family of music lovers.  Cradled between Jazz, Disco, and Flamenco, he learnt to play different percussions. This former breakdancer was passionate about vinyl that he collected from his teenage years, so became a hip-hop DJ thanks to the arrival of the French Touch and all these talented artists who made it famous all over the world. They inspired him and gave him the desire to embark on a career as an international DJ producer.

To celebrate the release of his new ‘Kiss’ LP on hedZup Records, WLAD selects his 10 most-played tracks of 2022:

1. WLAD & Luca Donzelli – Señor Espresso

“Just released on my album, this collab with my Italian friend and resident for Amnesia Ibiza. One of my favorites of the year.” 

2. Huerta – C&T

“Just the perfect bomb track to start your DJ set on tour. Every time I played this last year, in whichever country, it had a huge reaction.” 

3. DJOKO – Positive Energy

“Also one of my favorite tracks for starting a DJ set. I always drop it in every gig, either at the start or anytime. The energy on this track is something else.” 

4. Wilda – Concerned4What

 “If you wanna keep back the listeners and have all hands in the air, just drop this track. It’s a dance floor bomb.”

5. MADVILLA & WLAD – Nu Phase

“Another one picked from my album with my bro, MADVILLA. Maximum grooves on this one, and one of the highlights from the LP.” 

6.Nate S.U – Droids At War

Nate S.U always brings big energy on his tracks, but this track is so far my favorite of his and one I know I’m going to play for a while.” 

7. Ben Balance – Let’s Have A Party

 “Amazing old-school vibes on this one, I love it. Ben has some serious talent with most of the tunes I’ve heard of his.”

8. Cristian Merino – Jammin With My Grandmother

“For real minimal deep tech and funky lovers. With this vocal, the people get crazy on the drop. A serious banger!!”

9. Mancini – MOFO MF

From my hedZup partner Mancini, and the perfect weapon for any minimal groove lovers.” 

10. Toman – Una Y Nada

“This track has been played all around the world and it is a must-have if you play in South America. It has an amazing connection with the people from over there, for sure.”

WLAD’s ‘Kiss’ LP is out now via his own hedZup Records. Purchase your copy here.

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