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Touchtalk make their debut on French label Ritual

New ‘Roller’ EP reinforces the duo’s new musical identity on Rafael Cerato’s label.

Following the debut on the Argentine Zef Music and Exx Musik, it is time for Touchtalk to represent Brazil in the catalog of French label Ritual, run by the renowned Rafael Cerato.

With a great number of releases, Touchtalk has been adding excellent works in its new phase with renewed musical identity. This year, there were over 20 releases, including remixes, EPs, and singles from Brazilian and international catalogs, demonstrating that the duo’s skill and experience are stronger than ever.

The label has been active since 2019 and has a list of important releases that go through the spheres of melodic house and indie dance, making a perfect fit with the current duo’s identity, as they signed their ‘Roller’ EP with four original tracks.

The album is a cosmic tune between the retro-futuristic atmosphere of indie dance, with the starker grooves of dark disco, revealing an intense and vibrant atmosphere for the dancefloor. ‘Roller’ opens the EP with a more mysterious and circumspect narrative, which grows throughout the arrangement and the layers of synths and sequencers.

‘Mars’ comes next, bringing heaviness and dynamics, as well as nostalgic tone melodies that reinforce the emotional paradox of the song. ‘Dark Force’ brings the most salient grooves of dark disco, with a drier and more percussive arrangement, and finally, ‘Prisioner’ closes the work in sci-fi and deep atmosphere, presenting a performance of energizing and at the same time exciting synths.

Listen to Touchtalk’s ‘Roller’ EP below, and pick up your copy here.

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