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Trinity – Seventh Sea – Nin92wo Records

Brazilian techno label Nin92wo is one of the main references for the genre in the country, and it brings us the Trinity EP, by Seventh Sea, an Indian producer who devised a special concept for this release: he would craft an original tune that would leave enough space for others to come and fill in the blanks in their remix versions. Summoning label boss Alex Justino, LuizFribs and Against The Time to each give their own vision of his creation, Seventh Sea shows us the different roads music can take when it´s guided by different artists, giving us a 4-track EP that is banging, melodic and dark, a very interesting collection of techno tunes that explore the many nuances and textures of the genre.

The sparse, skeletal original is an expansive techno workout, it feels like it’s inhabiting an enormous space with very dark corners and rumbles and grumbles along a driving rhythm. The breakdown reveals the tune’s heart of darkness, bringing forth sinister synths that revel in their role as harbingers of doom and gloom, enveloping the ambiance before the beat kicks back in and drives the track home.

Alex Justino´s remix shuffles and reshapes the elements, giving the bassline a nervous, jittery makeover while keeping intact the ominous nature of the original. Playing with eerie and ghostly synth pads atop a rock-solid rhythm and bass foundation, this version keeps the energy going while also managing to give a chill or two along the way.

Against The Time takes the elements into overdrive, turning the original into a fine melodic techno track that shows how a bare-bones production can become a hypnotic piece of dance music, expanding its sound and filling the space with echoing and reverberating synth stabs and melodies.

The Luizfribs remix gets the BPMs up, creating a powerful and booming sound that showcases the harder side of techno as well as the versatility of the original. Shifting and transforming itself throughout its running time, this version is a great way to give closure to both the EP and Seventh Sea´s concept, driving home the point that electronic music in general and techno, in particular, are genres that can be drastically transformed depending on who´s behind the production table.

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