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Ulises – Más Allá – Sol Selectas

Sol Selectas dazzles once again with a fantastic new release featuring original music from Argentinian artist Ulises who adds some tripped out jazz influences on his four originals.

Low slung with shamanistic sound design, there is a psychedelic vibe captured in the downtempo grooves and ambient atmospherics.

Alongside the four original tracks, there is also a hefty remix package including three remixes by David Mayer, Roderic, and Geju.

David Mayer is probably the most well-known of the artists on this package, and he certainly shows off his pedigree with the superb quality of his remix, but it really is hard to pick a favorite, because every single piece of music on here is truly exceptional.

‘Sian’ is a nice opener that has a steady plodding groove and samba style percussion underpins poignant pads that ripple in the wind. David Mayer’s remix of ‘Sian’ lifts the tempo and adds some extra tension, but it does not lose any of the originals mesmerizing emotion.

‘Obelisk’ utilizes a blues style saxophone part and what sounds like a sitar to create a magical atmosphere that provokes thoughts of a smoke-filled jazz café. Roderic’s stripped back rework exposes the sitar style sound and adds ethereal pads to create a hauntingly beautiful version.

‘Pinneal’ has wailing vocals that create a ceremonial vibe and mixes in washes of textured effects that build a lucid atmosphere shrouded in a haze of mystery. Geju drops the tempo on their remix and focuses on the percussion that feels like a trek through a desert landscape, as its prodding but determined groove takes steady steps like weary legs walking in a sun-drenched sand.

The EP’s title track, ‘Más Allá’, is the only one of the originals not to have a remix, and its gliding pads plus rubbery synth textures are a great contrast with the texture of the guitar licks that flicker like the wings of a butterfly.

Impossible to pick a favorite, this EP has all the ingredients needed for a masterpiece and would be perfectly suited to the DJ style of people like Lee Burridge, Damian Lazarus, and of course Sabo himself.

The release is already available. Grab your copy here.

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