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Umami – RGB (Favouritizm)

Umami – RGB (Favouritizm)

Holding up a busy tour schedule, It’s been a moment since we’ve heard anything new from the umami fellas, but Robert and Sam are back just in time to rock out summer!  Their releases have step by step conquered dance floors around the globe with works featuring on top labels including Katermukke, 3000 Grad, Budenzauber, Sacrebleu, Boys Deep, among many. 

Their latest ‘RGB’ EP gives a taste of exciting things to come as they put the finishing touches to their new album titled ‘In Exchange For Everything’ with the spellbinding title track, ‘RGB’.

Sautéed with umami eccentricity ‘RGB’ has a dubby undercurrent with a gorgeous breakdown armed with a lovely marimba style melody and atmospheric harmonious electronica and teased with quirky hooks. ‘Detail’ is a power weapon for the late night floors with its dark techy tones and a menacing bass hook, sporting a gutsy, outside the box key solo on the breakdown that ramps up the tension ready for the growling bass to slam back in.

Umami’s RGB is available on Favouritizm. Grab your copy here.

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