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Underground Music’s Best Kept Secret in the 6ix

Considered by many Toronto fans or members as a cult of music nerds, Secret Society and their podcast gatherings have been a popular occurrence every Wednesday, 6-9 PM at the Pacific Junction Hotel on King St. East in Toronto for the past two years. The artistic minds behind Secret Society, Thomas Cardin, Tim Sandik and Matt von Wilde, were onto something two years ago when their small, secluded beach parties evolved into a highly anticipated event that drew up to a thousand music connoisseurs on less than a handful of times.

“Toronto is a hotbed of musical talent – there is no shortage of DJs who can curate three hours of great beats. These people need more platforms on which to be heard,” reflects one of the founders and the scene’s well known photographer, Tim Sandik – founder and DedAgency Photographer.

With no promotional aspects to help support the event, the guys team up with extremely talented local artists every Wednesday generating an energy that is comparable to that of a headliner event. With its original intent being to bring like minded music lovers together to create an atmosphere that cultivates support for local talent all the while providing people with an opportunity to blow off some mid-week work steam, this weekly happening is a true representation of what it means to authentically appreciate good music with a sprinkling of weekend anticipation.

DJs have an opportunity to curate three hours of their own music liking while bridging the gap from local to worldwide live to air talent. Secret Society effortlessly and successfully provides a platform that links underground music supply and demand in an overly saturated electronic music scene. The gathering has a grassroots feel to it, as it encourages the community to go out early with friends to listen to artistically curated sounds, without having a night out necessarily be followed by a day in.

“The venue was key. Pacific Junction Hotel is not your ordinary venue for electronic music, that’s why it works so well. The decorum resembles that of a cantina on some Acapulco beach, not a dive, but a warm welcoming environment with a booming sound system and a back room filled with games. We are keeping it bright and uplifting away from the dark and sweaty vibe of a club or an after-hours,” expands Matt Von Wilde, DJ and the third of the Secret Society’s founder.

The project has since received tremendous support from the people of Toronto and continues to expand as a social collective with the help of its members today. The unique musical vibe created by the different weekly pairings of local DJs is what has kept people coming back week after week for two years.

On March 22nd, the show reaches Episode 105, which is a milestone for the event series two year anniversary. The music will be curated by Secret Society’s resident DJs, Thomas Cardin, MRKG and Sierra, who will take members on an unforgettable sonic journey. This celebration of Sessions, also serves as a significant landmark proving that Toronto indeed has a nearly infinite pool of talent, filling dance floors in the city, every week, even on a Wednesday!

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