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Underthebed – Your Body – Purple Tea Records

With plenty of growling synth flourishes and an overall dark mood, ‘Your Body’ from Underthebed is yet another piece of the semi-progressive, melodic tech-house sound that is almost impossible to miss in electronic music these days.

Released by Canadian label Purple Tea Records, ‘Your Body’ contains all those elements that are becoming more and more familiar with each passing day in the world of techno: meticulous production, progressive touches, and a subdued vocal performance, giving this track a shiny, polished appearance, grounded by a generous cushion of bass, and topped off with a bright synth melody.

It’s an appealing tune that follows the formula that has made ‘melodic techno/house’ so successful: grandiose arrangements, a radio-ready vocal hook, and relentless pounding beats, all infused with a full-on progressive vibe.

In all, ‘Your Body’ is a carefully presented piece of melodic techno-house candy with a bombastic speaker-filling sound, which is a testament to Underthebed’s skill behind the controls. Aided by the haunting ambiance provided by the vocals, it’s a fitting addition to the melodic sound taking over the ever-growing, ever-changing dance music scene.

Underthebed’s ‘Your Body’ is out now. Purchase your copy here.

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