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Berlin opens the world’s largest virtual club

Continuing with the United We Stream series, live transmissions to save Berlin’s nightlife will be available till April 30th

Since March 13th, the nightlife and daily activities of the German capital have been officially interrupted to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The public sphere closure has already a very strong impact on many creative and cultural industries. Berlin’s club culture faces the greatest challenge in its history: 9,000 employees and tens of thousands of artists are suddenly unemployed, and the places that create the city identity are on the brink of ruin. In response to this worldwide quarantine, Berlin’s clubs, organizers and artists to support each other opened the world’s largest virtual club.

Clubcommission Berlin and Reclaim Club Culture in cooperation with ARTE Concert launched United We Stream. The platform brings live streams from empty clubs to locals housings, and beyond borders. With this idea, joint transmissions will begin to be carried out virtually for clubbers of the world, with the aim of receiving donations for the city’s night scene. A global village in tune, with well-polished living rooms floors from 7 p.m. In fact, the largest rave now at home.

Recall, that by order of the Berlin Senate, the clubs in the German capital will close their doors until April 20th to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Therefore, the scene is facing the greatest challenge in its history.

Through the portal, every day live DJ sets, live music, and various performances will be offered from Berlin clubs such as the Watergate, safe, Kater Blau, Ipse, Rummels Bucht, Griessmuehle, Sage Club, Salon zur Wilden Renate, Sisyphos, anomaly, Zur Klappe and much more. In addition, it will be a platform for debate rounds, presentations, and films that address all issues related to club culture.

All proceeds from the broadcast will go to a relief fund that will support clubs, event planners, and artists in need.

Watch the Livestreams on ARTE Concert.

United We Stream | Live from KaterBlau
20.03 starting at 19 hrs…

Il Civetto
The Sorry Entertainer




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