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Untidy announces 34-track VA compilation, ‘Bassix’

Featuring tracks by Alan Fitzpatrick, Todd Terry, Eli Brown, and many more.

Fresh off the back of selling out their 25th-anniversary weekender, Untidy’s own Sam Townend is now spearheading their latest release, delivering ‘Bassix’, a 34-track, 2-mix VA compilation that is scheduled for digital release on April 23rd.

Showcasing the relaunch of Untidy and the emerging sound of harder house, 15 tracks in ‘Bassix’ are exclusive to the album, all of which will be released as full-length, DJ-friendly tracks ready for the reopening of dancefloors around the world. The compilation itself features some of the biggest names in the industry like Alan Fitzpatrick, Todd Terry, Eli Brown, Tuff London, Tall Paul, and many more.

‘We’re getting sent that much new music that we wanted to release a compilation that was a showcase for the sound and all the new talent and producers that are making the tracks, alongside some of the most established acts that have made and released tracks with this style in recent times,’ can be read in the press release.

Sam Townend’s ‘Bassix’ will be out via Untidy on April 23rd. Grab your copy here.

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