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Unveiling Keinemusik: Their debut in Los Angeles on a Saturday night

Saturday night sizzled with anticipation as Framework brought Keinemusik, the dynamic German electronic trio, for their highly anticipated show in downtown Los Angeles. Their debut was highly coveted and one of the hottest tickets in town. The atmosphere crackled with excitement as eager fans poured into Exposition Park, arriving early and staying up until the last beat faded.

Photo Credit: kinderella

Andre Power warmed up the stage properly with an eclectic mix of sonic delights that had the crowd pulsating with energy, combining whimsical electronic tunes like Themba’s remix of ‘World Holds On’ by Steve Edwards and Bob Sinclair, and ‘Insimbi’ by Deep Narratives, ZVRI & Culoe De Song.  Hip-hop beats and soul samples kept the crowd on their toes, with remixes of well-loved tracks such as ‘We are the People’ by Empire of the Sun sending waves of euphoria throughout the audience. The energy stayed high and was only increasing.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the stage had been set for Keinemusik, formed by &Me, Adam Port, and Rampa,  to take the center. With their iconic glowing ’Peace Kloud’ casting a radiant glow against the LA skyline, the trio launched into an electrifying 5-hour marathon of music that left the crowd spellbound. Blending their signature afrobeat rhythms with percussive, exuberant melodies, Keinemusik’s infectious sound swept through the crowd, igniting a collective sense of joy and celebration. It was impossible to deny the vibrance. Crowd-pleasers no doubt, many of their grooves were easy listening and free-flowing. They dropped tunes like ‘Father Stretch (CS Remix) ‘ by Kayne West and ‘Downstream’ – Màkez and Life On Planets (Lazare Remix), and each track was met with applause in the form of singing and swaying.

But it wasn’t just the hits that had the crowd buzzing; Keinemusik also treated fans to a slew of unreleased tracks, keeping them guessing up until the last minute. With Adam Port, Rampa, and &ME at the helm, the night was a testament to the power of electronic music to unite and uplift. As the final notes faded into the night downtown, the party continued at Framework’s own Sound nightclub where Rinzen brought down the house with an electrifying finale.

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