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USRL’s Amount Shares ‘Beach Boy’ Video

USRL’s Amount shares ‘Beach Boy’ video

A yoyo, a sparkler, some cheeseballs, and a lawn chair right in the middle of Plänterwald hold their own on video.

URSL, the label of Soukie & Windish and Sebo, a bunch of mystic souls, rebel ravers and music lovers is turning 9 this year. Along with planned events to mark the occasion, the label has now released a music video for Amount’s new single, ‘Beach Boy’.

According to the artist’s vision, the video and music are best described by this passage: “Suddenly, not only space could be captured in detail, but the universal clock also melted deeply, making time real, therefore subjective. The forest air was filled with the sounds of a mystic creature. Just then, an ‘on point’ thought was uncovered from the back of its head. Not able to be abolished, once invented, ‘das‘ Limbo hid, but from its secret lair still listens and opens doors to all those warm brilliants, not fitting above neither below…”. “The infinitesimal thorn of creation is revealed at its best in certain creative beings who fly in a transverse direction. The final station of those is called: Sound Love,” he concludes.

Amount’s ‘Beach Boy’ EP is out now on URSL, including a remix by Chris Schwarzwälder. It also features ‘Transworld’ & ‘Tripping Octaves’, two other compositions by the Berlin-based producer. 

You can get your copy of ‘Beach Boy’ here and watch the video below.


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