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VA – Beatfreak Madrid: Mixed & Compiled By D-Formation – Beatfreak Recordings

VA – Beatfreak Madrid: Mixed & Compiled by D-Formation – Beatfreak Recordings

At the forefront of melodic house & techno since its inception, Beafreak Recordings has gone from strength to strength with each release. The Madrid-based imprint boasts an impressive catalog, and now, label boss D-Formation has put together a massive 40-track, 2-mix compilation that showcases some of the best gems Beatfreak has to offer. Featuring some of the most exciting talents from across the spectrum like Hannes Bieger, Chus & Ceballos, Dmitry Molosh, Rafael Cerato, Kamilo Sanclemente, and Antrim to name some, Beatfreak Madrid paints a vivid picture of what the label is all about.

Not wasting one second, D-Formation kicks off his first mix with dark overtones, as the groove carves its way. No drawn-out, immersive, and needlessly grandiose ambient-fuelled entrance to be found here, but rather a full-bodied representation of the Beatfreak sound from the onset. Electric, the mix flows without resistance, as the Spaniard embraces the current with open arms.

From track to track, the first of the two mixes delves into Beatfreak’s more progressive-minded nature, but it is cleverly tainted with droplets of their characteristic flair for sonic abrasiveness. With moments like Antrim’s prowess in ‘Last Ditch’, Dmitry Molosh’s proposed hypnotherapy on ‘Edge’, the silkiness in Kamilo Sanclemente’s version of Dimuth K & Matter’s ‘Mezcalito’, and the epic wonders of Golan Zocher & Choopie’s ‘Kadishman’ in its Yost Koen Remix format as some of the highlights, the first delivery feels delightfully entrancing, while never losing that throttle that is righteously one of the Spanish imprints trademarks by now.

Upping the ante on his second mix, D-Formation goes on to hold up to the light his label’s even darker side, built to wreak havoc across dancefloors all over the globe. More cavernous than the first installment, and submerged in the dirt that can only be found in the underground, rumbling basslines, strobe lights, and restless high-hat patterns meticulously intertwine, in what can only be described as a monster of a mix, crafted with the late hours of the club in mind.

Here, peak-time cuts flood the set, with some of the most memorable releases on display, like D-Formation’s ‘Dark Space’ which features Eleonora’s lush vocals, a relentless take on D-Nox, Lonya & DJ Zombi’s ‘Fuze’ by the Spaniard himself in collaboration with Citizen Kain, or the ‘Manglar’ and ‘Salada’ tandem (both created by the Beatfreak head honcho and another Spanish artist, Silicodisco), for a full-rounded clubbing experience.

Carving out a ‘best-of’ can usually be a daunting affair, and that’s only when selecting 10 or 20 tracks. But Beatfreak and D-Formation, true to their style and what we’ve come to expect from the label by now, go even further, beyond the horizon, and deliver 40 of the most cherished tracks in their recent catalog with flair and poise, but never losing that spark for mischief that is woven into the very fabric of the scene.

‘Beatfreak Madrid: Mixed & Compiled by D-Formation’ is out now, and boasts 40 select cuts, 2 hour-long mixes by D-Formation, plus 2 brand new unreleased tracks, Hannes Bieger’s ‘Rift’ and Baime’s remix of Antony Toga & Rafael Cerato’s ‘Celest’ (both are available as a ‘release only’ piece).

Listen to the two mixes by D-Formation below, and grab your copy of ‘Beatfreak Madrid’ here.

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