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Vampire Sex and Hotboxx collaborate on ‘Bomba’

To be featured on Tech Avenue Records’ upcoming album, ‘Junction – Volume 7’.

Photo credit:  Hotboxx / Vampire Sex  – Official

Tech Avenue Records presents the collaboration between Vampire Sex and Hotboxx in their latest release entitled ‘Bomba’. This cut will be featured on the label’s upcoming compilation album, ‘Junction – Volume 7’, showcasing the combined talent of these two dynamic artists.

‘Bomba’ starts with a strong beat, funky rhythmic elements, and electrifying sonic details. The track evolves with the introduction of a lively bassline and captivating vocal chops, adding an intriguing flavor to the infectious groove. As the energy builds, the beat changes, creating tension and anticipation before returning with intensified party vibes.

Listen to ‘Bomba’ below and download your copy here.

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