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Various Artists – Four To The Floor – Diynamic Music

Various Artists – Four To The Floor – Diynamic Music

Diynamic’s long running Four to the Floor series is back with another great offering. Again serving up tunes from a mix of known names and fresher faces, it explores many different tech house styles and they are all sure to make a big impact on the dance floor in the coming weeks.

First up is an Armonica remix of Par-T-One’s ‘I’m So Crazy’, a spine tingling emotive tech house tune with magical melodies. The drums are deep and firmly rooted, and the whole track is transcendental to the max. My personal favorite on the release! Then comes Swiss master German Brigante who is a fine studio producer with a minimal sound. His ‘Mango’ is a teasing, bass-driven affair with freaky vocals. It’s stripped back but manages to pack a big punch. Then comes ‘Choose Life’, with a female monologue laid over silvery tech drums and wonky bass. It’s an inventive tune from Alexandros Djkevingr & Greg Ignatovich that offers something different than the rest. Last of all, ‘Journey of the Mind’ from Serhan Guney is a zoned out and dreamy tune with horizontal chords and deep rolling drums. It’s haunting and spiritual and rounds things out in real style.

Diynamic Music’s ‘Four to the Floor’ is already available. Grab your copy here.

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