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Velve explores social alienation on ‘ANALOG’

The album is out now via Velve Music.

Photo credit: Velve – Official

Berlin-based singer, songwriter, composer, and producer Velve has recently released her latest techno album entitled ‘ANALOG.’

Velve is recognized as the original voice behind interactive AI technologies such as Apple’s Siri and BMW’s navigation system, earning her the title of the ‘most famous voice in German-speaking countries.’

‘ANALOG’ is Velve’s response to the growing standardization in art and music brought about by artificial intelligence. She believes that AI, once just a passing trend, now threatens livelihoods, freedom of expression, and even democracy.

Experimenting with cyborg and gender effects throughout the album, particularly in tracks like ‘LUCA’ and ‘CHAMPAGNE,’ Velve’s lyrics delve into the unsettling notion of AI replacing humanity and the loss of individuality. The artist also incorporates sentences in her native language, immortalizing her Siri voice in the track ‘SMARTPHONE’ and paying homage to her listeners who recognize her navigation voice in ‘NAVIGATION.’

In a departure from digital elements, Velve showcases her sound on ‘ANALOG’ using only two analog synthesizers and her voice. The result is a collection of powerful 4/4 kicks and stylish oscillator emulations that seamlessly blend with intricate percussive and ambient structures.

Listen to ‘ANALOG’ below and download your copy here.

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