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Video Premiere: Mila Stern’s ‘Five Finger Discount’

From his recently released EP ‘Five Finger’.

Photo credit: Mila Stern – Facebook

Mila Stern, the Post-Punk and Electro artist, has recently released her new EP ‘Five Finger’ on the Kiosk I.D. label. The release comes with a new music video.

The EP features two original tracks with high-pressure beats and four reimagined tracks. These were carefully selected and remixed by Camea, mytripismytrip, Öona Dahl, and Hardt Antoine.

The lead track ‘Five Finger Discount’ showcases Mila’s signature sound with overdriven stabs and a sub-heavy groove. Camea’s remix of the track takes it in a darker direction, perfect for peak-time club sets. Öona Dahl’s Return Remix transforms ‘Five Finger Discount’ into a dancefloor weapon with a staccato bassline, electric stabs, and bright blips that will get your body moving. Meanwhile, mytripismytrip’s reimagining of the track is a slow-burning cyclone with beautifully pitching sirens and shimmering arpeggios.

‘Deadline Disco’ incorporates a variety of sounds, including displaced snare rolls, sawtooth sweeps, and a blippy, detuned lead. Hardt Antoine’s rendition builds around an infectiously body-moving arpeggio, transforming the original into a stripped powerhouse with Dark Disco undercurrents.

Mila Stern’s willingness to embrace unorthodox sounds and transform jarring atmospheres into captivating dancefloor moments makes her stand out from the crowd. With the ‘Five Finger EP’, Mila Stern delivers an eclectic yet cohesive collection of tracks that showcases her unique vision and bright-eyed conviction.

Watch the official music video for Mila Stern’s ‘Five Finger Discount’ below, and purchase a copy of the EP here.

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