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Number Premieres ‘Face Down In Ecstasy’ Video

Number premieres ‘Face Down In Ecstasy’ video

Inspired by a love of A Certain Ratio, Talking Heads, P funk and scratchy dub, NUMBER is a new forward-thinking sound machine fronted by Ali Friend and Rich Thair – the co-founders and rhythm section of electronic music pioneers and musical renegades, Red Snapper.

The duo’s debut single ‘Face Down in Ecstasy’, released April 19th via Sunday Best Recordings, is primed with dirty-disco bass, slicing live drums, jagged guitar melodies and Ali’s urgent, catchy vocals. Written, performed and produced by Ali and Rich, the track is lyrically very much a reflection of our times, with a nod in the direction of the alt disco moments of A Certain Ratio and Talking Heads. The track is supported by a ground-breaking animated video, produced and directed by Leo Nicholson (Fantastic Mr. Fox).

“Face Down was inspired by our love of late 70’s and early 80’s dirty disco and funk, combined with the do-it -yourself art school approach of some new wave bands like A Certain Ratio, Magazine etc,” says Ali. “For us it was a fresh look at those times, but very much re-appraised through a pair of 2019 vari-focals. We enjoy the clash of old ideas with new ones; old sounds with new ones.; acoustic with electronic.”

NUMBER are Ali Friend (electric bass, guitars, gato drum, xylophone, MOOG, voice), Rich Thair (drums, percussion, drum machines, synths), Dan Carney (vocals), Dan Carney (vocals), Heloise Gerstein (vocals), Luisa Tunstall-Behrens (vocals) and John Metcalfe (strings) and Byron Wallen (trumpet).

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