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Viken Arman releases new EP, ‘Willow’

Fusionating jazz and club music.

Viken Arman just released his most recent EP entitled ‘Willow’ published on his label Denature Records.

This six-track album has influences from both, jazz and club music, in order to create a “powerful musical dialogue” that would stretch both genres. In this way, the artist opted for dance music exploration, giving it a mystical and avant-garde touch.

The material has been divided into six parts, each one assigned with an emotional poetic perspective. In addition, each track has an original art created by the Armenian painter Davit Yukhanyan that invites the listener to expand “the way we see ourselves is not only the way we live our lives but also the way we relate to others”.

Listen to ‘Willow’ below. Stream/ buy here.

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