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Vinyl becomes UK’s second best-selling physical format

Overtaking Playstation games in the process.

According to new data provided by the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA), vinyl sales have reached a 30-year high, with wax overtaking Playstation games, DVDs, and CDs as the second most popular form of physical entertainment in the UK.

ERA’s figures put vinyl sales only behind Nintendo Switch games, after reporting a 12.2 percent increase in record sales. “For a 74-year-old analog format to eclipse the digital-age technology of games platforms is quite extraordinary. Ten years into its long climb back to favor, the vinyl revival is most definitely here to stay.” says ERA CEO Kim Bayley about the current landscape.

So far, in 2022, vinyl has generated $93.2 million in sales, with Glasgow reporting the most vinyl collectors, accounting for 32% of the sales. CD sales have declined by 8.1 percent when compared to the same period last year.

You can check out ERA statistics here.

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