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Vito V & TOBECK – Victory EP – BLK Leaf

Canadian stalwart Vito V has cemented himself as one of Montreal’s most in-demand talents. Sharing the stage with some of the most prominent acts in the world, and even landing a residency with David Guetta at Las Vegas’ ‘Wet Republic’, the DJ and producer has gone on from strength to strength, and his music keeps being pushed by tastemakers like Tiesto and Axwell. To kickstart the year in stellar fashion, Vito presents his latest creation, the towering ‘Victory’, a powerful collaboration with the ‘humanoid droids TOBECK (Telepathic and Observatory Bionically Electric Computerized Klingons) developed by the BLK LAB’.

‘Victory’ presents its self as a tech hybrid, circling between Techno and its deeper overtones. Growling from the first gear, its tension intensifies as modulated strings take the speakers by storm only to unravel what lies at the core of ‘Victory’. An infectious vocal line delivered by TOBECK that expertly manoeuvers through dark, pulsating synthlines and heavy-handed percussive motifs.

This is where Vito V works his magic. It’s all in his sleight of hand. It’s misdirection at its finest. While the vocals wrap us up in its warm, silky embrace, the word in which it inhabits crumbles and is rebuilt in the blink of an eye, without us ever noticing just how cold the truth can really be.

Vito V & TOBECK’s ‘Victory’ is out now via BLK Leaf. You can grab your copy here.

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