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Volac – Do Ya Thing (Night Bass)

Up and coming Russian duo Volac return to AC Slater’s North American Night Bass Label with a bass heavy three track EP titled ‘Do Ya Thing’.

Up first we have the energetic ‘Do Ya Thing’ boasting fat chunky basslines with hard hitting snares, already making this EP an explosive return to Night Bass.

Up next we have ‘Open Your Mind’, a more jacking track that bounces the whole way through. Chopped, glitchy vocals punctuate this track as effects wobble and flutter, destined to make you move.

Last but not least we have ‘Listen’ with vocals from Abrax Phaeton. This is the heaviest track on the EP, loud and in your face, with Abrax’s fast paced vocals over the top: ‘motherfuckers just listen!’, before the bass and beat drops in which immediately has our attention and is sure to have crowds ears pricked up, bodies moving, and booties shaking on dancefloors around the world.

Buy ‘Do Ya Thing’ here.

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